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Rhonda Lerche

Here's what our customers are saying...

"We were very pleased with the service we received…we were treated great.
- Mike  (rosamond) 

"…Very nice service, Absolutley needed a taxi in rosamond for several years. Thank's Dawn

" I had a emergency come up in late december and called for a taxi, Took me to LAX with no notice and reached my plane with a few minutes to spare. Saved me a big hassel...  Dave B  ( Rosamond ca) 

"We have been using Rosamond taxi for several month's now, I belive there are a couple of drivers Both are very curtious. We usually got out to dinner and then go to the local pub and have a few. We really didn't have that option before they started. HAND'S UP TO ROSAMOND TAXI.. Thank's Mike and Laura S.   Rosamond

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