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Rosamond Taxi, Rosamond Calif 93560 | Phone: 661.256-8294 | Mojave Call: 661-824-8294  California city 760-373-8898 Ridgecrest 760-384-2227 Email me @ jag@rosamondtaxi.com



We are now operating as AV Yellow Cab, Rosamond will have a $10.00 Minimum, no Minimum in Lancaster  we will be starting Guaranteed Reservations soon 



5:22 pm pst 



Thank You for visiting my new website. I personally have had in Mind A Taxi service in Rosamond for over 10 years, I actually Purchased 256-taxi from the phone company with the intention of starting several years ago. (sorry it took so long) Well here it is and I have been in business for about 6 month's.

I will be posting specials and flat rates to selected designations. Please if you have any comment's or suggestions e-mail or call